First Time Visitors

Are you planning to come worship with us at KVPCA for the first time? Awesome!

We’re eager to welcome you. Here are the important things you need to know.

Where do I enter the building!?

Funny, this is a common question. We have a ramp entrance that comes directly into the front of the sanctuary. If you’re running late and need the ramp, we promise, no one will be looking at you when walk in. You can also enter through the main entrance at the front of the building. It comes into the lobby and is less conspicuous. You’ll also find the powder room just off the lobby. Or, you can enter through the basement stairs behind the ramp. Coffee is always available in the kitchen, and men’s and women’s rooms are located there as well.

Joyful and Reverent Worship


When you participate in our worship service you’ll find all the normal churchy stuff – singing songs and hymns, praying prayers, reading the bible, a sermon, and a benediction. Our service blends contemporary and classic forms. Some times we use ancient confessions. Some of our music was written in the 1600s, some of it in the 2010s. Here’s what’s important: we come together to give God the praise and for God to remind us of his grace in the gospel. That’s why our worship is both joyful and reverent. For a sample of the preaching, check out the Sermons page.

Come Early and Say “Hi!”

You can come in the building any time really, but Sunday School starts at 9:30 and worship at 10:45. If you’re just coming for worship, arrive around 10:30. Then you can meet a couple people and get a feel for us before the service starts. Adult Sunday School meets in the sanctuary, but we try to end by 10:30 and people are always coming in and out. During the summer months (June-August), there is no Sunday School, and worship begins at 10:00. We won’t judge, we promise.

Come as You Are

On Sunday you’ll find people in suits, in ties, in jeans, in camo pants, and in shorts. There’s no dress code when it comes to drawing near to God. We encourage you to dress appropriately for worship. That means different things to different people, but we would encourage modest and respectful dress for men, women, and kids.

A Family Church, and a Church Family

We like to think of ourselves as a family church. We love the steady hum of kids and parents and senior saints all together in the service. During the sermon we provide nursery for children ages 4 and under. As soon as you think your children are ready to sit in worship, we encourage you to teach them to do so, that way the whole family can come before the Lord together.

We’re a small community, and so we often say that our church feels like a family. Please, don’t be put off if some one comes up to you, introduces themselves, and shows a genuine interest in you adn your family because we want to welcome you into ours.

The Nuts and Bolts

KVPCA is a church that is ….

  • Christian – which means we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out this video playlist on YouTube.
  • Protestant – which means that we believe that the Bible is our authority, and that salvation from our sins comes through Christ alone, by faith alone and grace alone, for God’s glory alone.
  • Reformed – which means that we find the system of doctrine expressed in the Reformation Confessions as the best summary of the teaching of the Bible. Learn more here.
  • Evangelical – which means we believe the bible is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant word of God, and that the good news is to be offered to all mankind.
  • Presbyterian – which means that we are one congregation of a large network of sister churches. Learn more here.

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