Three Important Components to Eschatology

This post is aimed at exploring three aspects of eschatology : history, faith, and epochs. Our understanding of realized eschatology is an incredible boon (I’ve always wanted to use that word!) to our daily living in God’s presence. This doctrine reminds us that, as the church in Christ we are his body and bride becauseContinue reading “Three Important Components to Eschatology”

The Already and Not Yet?

In this article I hope to explain what “Realized Eschatology” means and why it’s important So, let’s begin with some definitions. The word Eschatology (from the Greek language) means “study of the last things”. Compart eschatology to biology: they are both compound words originating from the Greek language, each have the ology ending. First, let’sContinue reading “The Already and Not Yet?”

Why do we call it a “Covenant Relationship”?

Often we hear the Christian’s relationship with God and with the Church and congregation as a “Covenant Relationship”, maybe you wonder why. A covenant is an agreement between two parties–you can think of it in terms of a contract, like when you buy a house, or a marriage license. In faith terms, God and hisContinue reading “Why do we call it a “Covenant Relationship”?”

What is meant by “Covenant People”?

On Sunday we’ll be looking at Matthew 15:21-28, a passage the ESV captions as “The Faith of a Canaanite Woman”. It’s easy on one level and incredibly difficult on another. Why it’s easy: faith alone is the instrument of salvation Why it’s hard: Jesus doesn’t treat her in the way we expect Jesus to treatContinue reading “What is meant by “Covenant People”?”