Why do we call it a “Covenant Relationship”?

Often we hear the Christian’s relationship with God and with the Church and congregation as a “Covenant Relationship”, maybe you wonder why. A covenant is an agreement between two parties–you can think of it in terms of a contract, like when you buy a house, or a marriage license. In faith terms, God and hisContinue reading “Why do we call it a “Covenant Relationship”?”

What is meant by “Covenant People”?

On Sunday we’ll be looking at Matthew 15:21-28, a passage the ESV captions as “The Faith of a Canaanite Woman”. It’s easy on one level and incredibly difficult on another. Why it’s easy: faith alone is the instrument of salvation Why it’s hard: Jesus doesn’t treat her in the way we expect Jesus to treatContinue reading “What is meant by “Covenant People”?”