Click here to check out the latest sermons from Kiski Valley Presbyterian church. Our goal is to preach the Word, and to preach Christ. Sermons are lessons, but they’re not just lessons. Sermons are a response to the Good News that God has grace on messed up and broken people. The point of the sermon is to apply God’s Word and the Gospel so that our thinking, feeling, and doing would be shaped by this truth: Believers are objects of God’s grace, Children of the King, and He wants the best for us!

Audio and Video

Click here to check out some free audio and video from around the internet that we feel represents our beliefs about how to do Church, how to think about life, and how to live out the truths of Gospel.


Check out the links below to articles that our church thinks expresses our views on the gospel, worship, theology, and church life.


There are excellent aritcles, book reviews, and blogs available at The Gospel Coalition, The Reformed Communion, Reformation 21, and Gentle Reformation.

Check out the resources page at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC.

To learn more about our denomination, check them out at

For news about faith and religion in general, visit Real Clear Religion and The Christian Post. For information about the reformed community of churches, visit The Aquila Report.

For a great online bible, check out BibleGateway but if you’re interested in a good translation, we recommend the English Standard Version of the Bible.

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