Check out the links below to articles that our church thinks expresses our views on the gospel, worship, theology, and church life. (Right click and select “Save Link As” to download).

The Centrality of the Gospel: This article explains how the good news about Jesus Christ is more than just the entrance into the Christian faith, but the life blood of our faith, hope, and future. Source: Tim Keller, Redeemer PCA

Adrenaline Addiction and Worship: This article explains why we, as a church community, are not addicted to human-centered, seeker focused worship, but worship that is centered on God – His greatness, not ours – and is therefore both joyful and reverent. Source: Dennis Prutow, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Proactive Accountability:  We believe that discipleship is not just about Sunday School classes and sermons, it’s about relationships. This article talks about the role of discipleship/accountability friendships and relationships. Source: Tim Geiger, Harvest USA.

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