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We want to expose you to excellent teachers, speakers, and pastors who love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out some of these videos that answer the question: What is the gospel?

Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary, California – “What is the Gospel?”

Tim Keller, Redeemer PCA, New York, NY – “What is the Gospel?”

Ligon Duncan, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS – “What are the Non-Negotiables of the Gospel?”

And, just for fun, “The Gospel in Four Minutes”

Now, to apply it. The gospel is something we need to believe every day. Hear Pastor John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN talk about what that means:

The Gospel is the Essential Tenant of the Christian faith. Now check out these videos that explain our understanding of the bible, commonly called “reformed theology.”

These videos are from Dr. RC Sproul, of Ligonier Ministries in Orlando, FL.

Part I

Part II

Part III


The Desiring God Podcast with Pastor John Piper: Click Here

The Desiring God podcast is full of great sermons from Pastor Piper to help you in your walk of faith.

The Ordinary Means Podcast with Pastors Shawn Nolan and Matt Bohling: Click Here

The Ordinary means podcast applies the regular ways God communicates to us (the Bible, prayer, Communion, and Baptism) to our lives over a variety of contemporary issues.

Go to Seminary Online for Free through Reformed Theological Seminary and Covenant Theological Seminary.

If you’re ready to dig deeper into your faith, then check out these seminaries that offer world class theological education online and in person. Many courses are available, non-credit, for free on iTunes.

Westminster Shorter Catechism, Read Aloud

If you want help learning the basics of Reformed Theology, Dr. Jonathan Watt has a read version of one of our teaching tools. It’s a catechism and it teaches by question and answer. Click Here to check it out.

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