Sundays @ KVPC

What to Expect

Sunday mornings at KVPC are filled with the bustle of kids in the halls and the sound of friends catching up on the past week. If you stop by, expect to be welcomed with a smile by our greeters and ushers. Dress on Sundays ranges from suits to camo pants, jeans to khakis. It’s not the outside, but the heart, that the Lord looks at!

Starting Sunday, August 2, we are offering two services each Sunday morning, one at 9 AM where masks will be required and a second one at 11 AM where masks will be optional.  We will continue to observe social distancing in each service and stagger seating in every other row in the sanctuary, and we ask that you consider your family size in relation to the seats you select in the sanctuary, allowing the maximum use of the seating in a way that allows space between family groups.  It is our ultimate desire that we provide the greatest opportunity for worship to all of our congregation in a spirit of unity.

Sermons and Sunday school videos can be found here.


Our services are centered around the good news of Jesus Christ, the preaching of the word, singing of praise, honest prayer, and celebration of sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). We strive for reverent and joyful worship. We cherish Biblical, Christ-centered, applicable preaching. We love to come together as a family for worship.

Adult Discipleship

Sunday School certainly isn’t required, but many of our adults enjoy the time of discussion and fellowship. Starting at 9:30, bring your cup of coffee up to the sanctuary to join us.

Youth Discipleship

Youth Sunday School is a supplement for parents. It’s meant to help you as you instruct your children at home. It’s not a substitute. We have a variety of youth Sunday School classes for all ages


At KVPC we want music to express our praise, contrition, thanksgiving and joy. We make use of classic and contemporary tunes and lyrics.

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