Sermons from May 2023

“Get Your Clothes ON” Matthew 22:1-14

Introduction:  historically Christians have recognized four states that people are in, in terms of their faith Think about it like a box with two columns and two rows—so it’s one big box, made up of four little boxes Four points:  1. the Parable in two acts; 2. The People; 3. The Promised Fruit; 4.Get Your…

“Authority to Heal, Authority to Lead” Matthew 21:23-36

Context—yesterday was the triumphal entry (explain) So, when we read in v. 23 “by what authority do you these things”, these things First, the late listener and second, the new tenants.  [1] C. H. Spurgeon, The Gospel of the Kingdom: A Commentary on the Book of Matthew (London: Passmore and Alabaster, 1893), 182.