Sermons by Pastor Matt Stevens (Page 5)

Forgiving Each Other Matthew 18:15-35

“Love and Forgiveness”                                 January 23, 2023                                               Matthew 18:15-35 It’s so easy to read 15-21 only as what to with unrepentant believers—but in context, we see Jesus’ bigger point is about love and forgiveness Skipping to the end first (parable of the unforgiving servant given in reply to Peter’s question) Forgiveness implies sin Why is…

Keeping Hold of Each Other Matthew 18:10-14

A little housekeeping by way of footnotes first.  Look at the context of chapter 18: from the disciples’ point of view, this really went downhill fast:  from “who’s the greatest” in the kingdom of heaven to chasing the lost lamb, and rejoicing over it! In this parable, Jesus says that we should rejoice to chase…

Caring For Each Other Matthew 18:5-14

Caring for each other                     1/8/2023            Matthew 18:5-14 Intro: If I ask you what’s in Matthew 18, what would you say? Today—Jesus’ family is called to Care for Each Other—we’re all “little ones who believe”  1.  Getting Ready; 2.  Caring for Each Other; 3.  Living with Each Other